PT. Duo Mas Sukses Indonesia specialized in advertising media.
We provide several products for you

Commercial Signage

• Size 32 inch, 43 inch, 49 inch and 55 inch
• Can be manage by CMS

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Non Industrial Vs Industrial Signage
What is the different?

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Double Side TV Signage

• Size 43 inch and 55 inch
• Thickness only 22 millimeter
• Can be manage by CMS

Innovative Media Promotion - See Through Commercial Display

• Range 22 inch - 86 inch can be vertical / horizontal

Innovative Media Promotion - LED Art Motion

• Printed Translite Poster with LED Motion backlite
• Features :
 - Low Cost Investment
 - Attractive for Customer
 - Reusesable with Digital Printing and Animation Programing

Interactive Signage Screen

Floor Map & Tenant Editor

• The owner can customized the map via map floor and setting which store will be set.

Native Perfomance & Native Hardware Support

• The application use is Native Desktop Application, not web base which emulated as applicatoon, so that the application can used maximum of processor and graphic card from the computer.
• The application can support additional hardware likes NFC Reader, Printer, Magnetic Card Swiper, Kinect, Webcam, Microphone and others.

The feautures which can be output from the Interactive Signage are :

- Dashboard information (likes news, slide banner, weather, forex, etc.)
- List information of events
- Direction (information about events location, facilities and tenants)
- 2D atau 3D Directory With Path Finding
- Design of the map can rendered 3d for 6 floor - wayfinder
- Multimedia galery (video and picture)
- News updated
- Point checked

The advantages

The advantages using this interactive info signage is users can search and get the most clear information and detail which adjusted with information needed.

Our approach illustration